Unity, C#, Game Development, Compute Shaders, Perlin Noise

Perlin Noise and Unity Compute Shaders

Learning about Perlin Noise and how to use Compute Shaders in Unity

Table of Content

0. Motivation

1.0 Perlin Noise Introduction

ugliness in its purest form
ahhh… perfection
Me thinking about Perlin Noise
just a constant slope
(f ∘ g )(x)
better :3
something that looks like Perlin Noise


2.0 Compute Shaders

2.1 How to use Compute Shaders

2.2 Setup of the Unity Project

2.3 Running the Shader

Result of the default Shader

3.0 Perlin Noise

It’s not just red :D

3.1 Creating the Displacement Material

Plane with a lot of subdivisions
Vertex Displacement Graph
Shader Graph Properties
Getting there

3.2 Adding the Gradients

Almost there

3.3 The Wave Effect

Wave Effect

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